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Truth others have learnt about American Justice


On television news, on the internet and newspapers across the world the American Government and others state clearly they are fighting the good fight worldwide protecting American citizens.  Egor Chernov, a Russian that murdered at least one American was allowed to return to Russia a free man.  The U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery went on to be appointed head of FinCen and then became Senior Executive at HSBC, the very bank involved in the money laundering by Russian mobsters.  She was also responsible for accusing Trump's Casino of dealing in money laundering.  Special Agent Coleman of Wolf of Wall Street fame ended up on the Russian Magnistsky List due to this case. Three men dealt with Egor Chernov, two are dead and one lives to tell the story, a story while true seems unbelievable.

The wait is over. Murder on the Andaman Sea is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.


Thrilling in the extreme, Murder on the Andaman Sea is a definite page-flipper.


Taser Thailand

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