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Born in the UK and sailed past Ellis Island on the Astancia, Cunard Lines Ship landing in New York City February 28th, 1956,  we settled across Lake Ontario in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.  We spent twenty years traveling around the world as Air Force brats.  Finally moved to Vancouver, B.C. after university and embarked on a career financing hi-tech companies world wide.  

Murder on the Andaman Sea


Russian spies embedded in Salt Lake City, Utah infilitrate the U.S. government agencies and set up public companies to fraudulently steal millions from American and international businessmen.  When the ponzi schemes are uncovered they resort to kidnapping and murder.  Three businessmen traveled to Moscow, Zurich and Phuket, Thailand only one survived to spend years searching and investigating the mysterious dissappearance of others.  In the end Wolf of Wall Street FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman was assigned to invesitigate the exortion and murder.  He faced an uncoperative Justice Department seeking to bury the corruption and hide the truth from Americans.  A compliant media assisted in ensuring the truth would be hidden.  This book reveals the verifiable truth despite repeated death threats and warnings from the FBI, Charlie Flynn tells all.

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