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"Inextricably linked" FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman's Sworn Affidavit

These are exact quotes of the sworn affidavit of FBI Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman, an FBI Special Agent, who was profiled in The Wolf of Wall Street arrest of Jordan Belfort.

Gregory Coleman on the Wolf of Wall Street

"In or about the fall of 2000, Chernov and CC-6 (Steve Bailey) met with a third party, CW-2 (Charlie Flynn) and offered to obtain false passports for him."

He mentions C.F. (Charlie Flynn) multiple times.

"Chernov and CC-6 (Steve Bailey) and CC-7 (Paul Combs) met with a prospective business client C.F. ... presented CC-7 (Paul Combs) as a high powered broker named, Michael Woods to C.F."

Coleman continued to outline the involvement of C.F., Charlie Flynn, "Further, on or about January, 2006 CC-7 (Paul Combs) posing as Michael Woods met with C.F. in Phuket."

"C. W.-1 (Lori Judd) knew that, among other things CC-1 (Rex Judd) intended to meet with a business associate, Egor Chernov during the trip. C.W.-1 (Lori Judd) reported that she has had no contact with her husband since that day, (September 15th, 2005)."

She reported the FBI Agent, " C.C.-1 (Rex Judd) told C.W.-1 (Lori Judd) that he and Chernov were facing tax evasion charges. C.C.-1 told C.W.-1 that Chernov had an FBI contact (Mark Pinto) who could help"

"After C.C.-1( Rex Judd) disappearance, C.W.-1 (Lori Judd) stated that she contacted Chernov by telephone. Chernov told her that C.C.-1 (Rex Judd) never appeared at their meeting."

We now know through other testimony he did appear in Thailand and Chernov lied.

"C.W.-1 (Lori Judd) said that she felt Chernov arranged the meeting in Chicago to convince her that C.C.-1 Rex Judd had disappeared."

"On May 29, 2007 I, (Gregory Coleman) along with SA Gregory Schossler, United States Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service interviewed C.W.-1. (Lori Judd)."

"I (Gregory Coleman) am also investigating an allegation that after C.C-1 (Rex Judd) arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, he was murdered at the direction of Chernov....."

"I, (Gregory Coleman) believe the investigation of these additional violations is inextricably intertwined with the investigation of the falsified passports. ................. C.C.-7 (Paul Combs) told me that he was present in Phuket, Thailand in September, 2005 to hear Chernov, direct C.C.-4 (Mark Winters) and C.C.-5 (Adam Wilson Grimshaw) to kill C.C.-1 (Rex Judd)." (these were the two Australian murderers that attempted to kidnap and murder Charlie Flynn)

"C.C.7 (Paul Combs) said C.C.-4 (Mark Winters) how he and C.C.-5 (Adam Wilson Grimshaw) carried out the murder of C.C. 1 (Rex Judd) after taking him on a boat into the shipping channels in the Andaman Sea of Pattaya, Thailand."

"C.C.-7 (Paul Combs) gave me the cufflinks and ring that he said belonged to C.C.-1"

"In 2007 S.A. Soike showed C.W. 1 (Lori Judd) a picture of the ring and cufflinks, C.W. 1 (Lori Judd) began to cry and mental and physical state appeared to be visibly shaken."

You can read it all in the attached affidavit, before the files were sealed. FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman, U.S. Attorney Shasky and U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa were fully aware of the allegations of murder and extortion when they released Chernov without charge. They were also aware of the involvement of FBI Agent Mark Pinto.

Egor Chernov Rex Judd

Conspiracy theories abound over every event in American history from JFK, the moon landing to 9/11. I do not subscribe to most of these. In this case, I experienced corruption in American justice and the media, which I did not believe existed. This story, verifiably true, will not allow anyone deny the corruption in American justice and the lack of exposure in the media.

“When the public's right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.”

Christopher Dodd

It started when a Taser hit the middle of my back on a sailboat in Phuket Mariana, Thailand. While confused and shocked at the attack, I reacted. Somehow I escaped the clutches of Chernov, a Russian émigré from Salt Lake City. Chernov appeared as a bear of a man with oil black hair above a pale complexion of skin stretched tightly over an oblong face causing him to smile infrequently. Adam and Mark the two Australian thugs along with Sasha Gorbachev, his brother-in-law and former Colonel in the KGB,[1] accompanied Chernov that day on the sailboat floating in the Andaman Sea.

Russian Taser

It could have been any family that traveled to Thailand in March 2006 for a family vacation. We had escaped the tsunami on a prior visit in late 2004 but now we were in a storm of a different making. Escaping from Thailand would be a task we could not accomplish alone. After having heroin planted on us by Thai Police, at the command of the Russians and our lives threatened we sought a way out. The British Embassy changed our names on our plane tickets. Then they engineered our escape from Thailand, assisted by some honest Thai tourist police we traveled in a police convoy to Phuket airport. While under threat of capture we got out alive on April 5th, 2006.

Buddha said, there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting. I started along the road to truth when we arrived in Hong Kong. It would be a long and arduous journey to seek justice.

DBS Vickers Securities and their COO, Frank Wong, sent an invitation on letterhead inviting me to a luncheon that day. Michael Woods, allegedly a broker from DBS became the first to approach me on arranging this meeting. Afterwards when I started my investigation I tried to contact Michael Woods through DBS Securities head office in Singapore. DBS reported back to me no such person had ever been employed by them. On further investigation it came to light the entire invitation was a fraud and Frank Wong knew nothing about it. It was premediated criminal intent formulated by a conspiracy in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I continued to investigate without help from any government agency or police force. I contacted the Thai Embassy in London as I knew I needed to compile information to present to the FBI to give them a basis to investigate. Finally my break in the case came when I received a call from a CIA or U.S. Embassy Security agent, I am not sure which, in Bangkok, Andy Loftus.[2]

“Mr. Flynn the Thai Embassy informed us at the American Embassy, of the fraud and the conspiracy, in an attempt by Russians to kidnap and murder you. I am aware of the case and these criminals. I must ask you first, do you or more appropriately did you, know Rex Judd?”

“Yes, I do. Rex is a funny guy, reminds me of Bill Murray. He is a motivational speaker from New York about forty-five years of age and traveled to Zurich, Vancouver and Thailand with us. I have not seen him since Vancouver or Zurich in mid-2005, why?”

“He is dead.” The words of Loftus hit me like a punch in the gut almost knocking me to my knees.[3]

“What, he is dead? Chernov told me he disappeared but he reappeared in Salt Lake City a few months later.”

“Ask them to get his social security number or his father’s middle name, he is no longer alive. They murdered him and dumped his body in the shipping lanes of the Andaman Sea. You were fortunate to escape. You are dealing with a dangerous element of Russian Mafia or as they call themselves, ‘Bratva’.”

“Thanks I have to sort this out and hopefully get justice for me and my family and for Rex. These guys are criminals and murderers, they are a danger to other innocent victims.”

“Tread carefully Mr. Flynn, you realize they are being assisted by the Thai police and have assistance from friends in high places?”

“I know and I will be careful but I will nail them if it is with my last breath.”

Egor Chernov appeared as the head of the mafia group, his brother-in-law and obedient muscle man, Sasha Gorbachev and Sasha’s wife, Egor’s sister, the Judge Marina Gorbacheva,[4] who provided every type of legal cover for them. These were the three main characters in this gang.

I remembered how Marina told of her close connection to President Putin, and could provide government assistance at the highest level. She provided fraudulent passports for many of Egor’s associates and offered them to us. Until now I thought I was confronting a group of criminals; now I realized they had the power of the Russian state behind them which shook me.[5]

As a matter of fact, not only did they have the Russian State behind them, but Chernov’s connections reached up to the higher echelons in America with the FBI and SEC. I had met two FBI agents that traveled and worked with him, Mark Pinto and Chris from Las Vegas, Nevada. Chernov explained they could get confidential information from the intelligence agencies on any individual in North America. They proved it at least three times, providing intelligence information at one point that I knew to be true as it was highly confidential information on me.

Finally, I could see clearly, absent the smoke and mirrors Chernov threw up as a maze, attempting to confuse everyone. I thought of the other members or associates of the gang; Rex Judd, as stated above, now dead. Additionally there was Michael Woods, Paul Combs and Scott Vanderweel, they knew each other and traveled together. I wanted to get a hold of one of them to investigate deeper. I had not yet met Paul Combs yet, or at least did not think I had.

It took a few weeks but one day I got a call from Scott Vanderweel whom I contacted through some mutual associates.

“Hi Charlie, good to speak again, I am glad you are alive. Rex was not so lucky. Chernov tried to lure me to Singapore and Ireland to murder me. He told me that Rex had a safety deposit box in both locations holding millions of dollars. Further, he promised to use it to pay me back the money I invested. I was not stupid enough to go.”

“Well done, what I went through with my family I would not wish on anyone. These guys are cold calculating and inhumane, I mean they had my young son playing with their children days before attempting to murder me.”

“I was golfing yesterday with another one of Chernov’s associates, Paul Combs.”

“Oh great, I want to talk to him, he could be a good source of information. I have never met him. What about Michael Woods, Chernov told me he was dying of leukemia.”

“Sit down, Charlie.”

“Okay I am sitting, what is the reason?”

Paul Combs and Michael Woods, the guys you have heard so much about and they have been a huge part of the deal with Chernov, the assassin from Florida and Peru, and the broker from Singapore, are the same person.”

“Okay the guy with the one bad eye, Michael Woods, the broker from Singapore, one of the most intimidating men I have met in my life, is Paul Combs? What the hell were these guys planning?”

“You do not want to know but you will soon enough, talk to Paul when he calls, he will fill you in.”

“I have contacted the FBI through the U.S. Embassy and we will get to the bottom of it, will Combs and/or Woods help me?”

“He sure will, he despises Chernov and calls him, ‘the man who sits down to pee.’ He is owed a lot of money by Chernov, like I am. I have a problem as most of mine was black money, untaxed from the Cayman Islands, so I cannot complain to the authorities.”

This story had more twists and turns than a Jason Bourne novel. I had been in contact with Special Agent Gregory Coleman, the same agent who arrested Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street. He was an honest agent and promised me justice. I had to assist him as he needed more witnesses, some physical evidence and the murderers’ names.

The next day Paul Combs called, “Buddy, he screamed in to the phone. The Russian maggot tried to kill you. I am happy you got away. I feel bad I posed as a broker from DBS Vickers Securities, when we first met.”

“Let’s forget it and try and nail this bastard, Chernov!"

“Chernov told me about your deal with Terry Hunter and Yank Barry out of the Bahamas, Normex. I was to act as a broker and gain your trust and then steal all the shares. Chernov and Judd had worked with Yank Barry prior, as a matter of fact Rex Judd bailed Yank Barry out of jail. Yank is best friends with another FBI Agent, former Deputy Director Buck Revell. These guys are connected everywhere, they have all bases covered. However I have my connections as well through my lawyer, Jim Lewis, a former prosecutor. It is a long story, but look up a book called

“Listen I get confused with all the players and the phalanx of corrupt Thai police, Russian Judges, FBI, SEC and Homeland Security Agents. Chernov told me was a spy and connected to other Russian spies in America. I witnessed firsthand them working with FBI Agents and it is mind boggling. I always thought the FBI was an agency above reproach and trustworthy.”

“Buddy they are the worse. Never trust a ‘G-man’ they are like organized criminals but unlike the mafia the government backs them up. I can assure you, in my belief, Chernov will walk free and this story will never see the light of day, they will not allow the press to print any of it. In fact the files are all sealed now. Do you realize what powers we are dealing with here?”

Meet Coleman, I trust him with my life. He will work with us to nail Chernov to the wall. He promised me. He is Special Agent Gregory Coleman from New York, the same agent who nailed Belfort, in New York. You know the money he would have offered to walk free and Coleman prosecuted him. He is an honest agent and will work with us, I promise.”

“Buddy, I have the fraudulent passports of Lori and Rex Judd, I have the cufflinks and wedding band that they took off of Rex’s cold hands after they murdered him. They laughed at how easily it came off of the corpse. I was in Phuket when Chernov gave the order to have him murdered. We flew out to Singapore the night he arrived, September 17th had our passports stamped and flew back in the next day, after the murder. Chernov and I cut up his credit cards and spread them in the garden of the villas in Phuket.”

“Who murdered him? Alan Loftus from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand told me he was dead. Chernov almost told me himself one drunken day by his pool, but caught himself. Chernov said it to intimidate me at the time as he said he would have Lord Montague taken care of in the same way as Judd.”

“I can tell you who; the two Australian guys you met, Mark Winter and Adam Grimshaw. The same two hired to kill you, when I was there in January. Mark is a tough guy ex-special forces guy, Adam is a bowl of jelly who joined a criminal gang at a young age, and they rented a villa close to where you and your wife were staying in Phuket last January. They had the windows all blacked out with garbage bags, they had chains and batteries to torture Lisa, your wife and force you turn over all the stock in Normex Steel. After they would kill you and dump your bodies in the shipping lanes of the Andaman Sea.”

“Okay this is insane, torture, extortion and murder I am stunned. Why didn’t you go through with it as Michael Woods working with them?” I asked angrily.

“Buddy, you will not believe the story, I will tell you why. When we first met I told you I went to Florida all the time and I loved to golf. You told me to get together with your cousin, Steve Dewhurst. Incredibly, Dewy, as I call him, is one of my best golfing buddies. We are in Thailand, and my golfing buddy’s cousin is the guy, I am hired to help murder. You can imagine how it rocked my world, I told Chernov to count me out. I slept with one eye open the next two nights at his villa, until I got the hell out of there.”

“Listen we have to talk more, but I am shaking right now. Are you sure you have the passports, the cufflinks and the wedding band, to prove Rex is dead?” I asked to be sure we had what Coleman required to prosecute Chernov.

“I do buddy, I will send you a copy of the passports when we hang up.”

“Thanks I have to get you together with my FBI buddy, he will nail Chernov for us.”

“Not sure about talking to him, but let’s talk later.”

The next week I kept trying to get Paul Combs to talk to FBI Agent Greg Coleman. In order to move things along, Greg promised Combs immunity, if he cooperated. After he agreed, they arranged for Combs to go to New York with the physical evidence to provide the background information on Chernov and to give a statement. The mission had been accomplished, Coleman now had everything he needed. It was a fait accompli, the physical evidence, the passports, cufflinks and the wedding band, the witness, Paul Combs, and the names of the murderers, Adam Grimshaw and Mark Winters. The FBI now had all they had asked me to provide to prosecute Egor Chernov, including as a bonus, a fraudulent passport in the name of Vasko Svetlinov Aleknsandrov, with Egor Chernov’s picture.

In view of being impressed with my investigative prowess, I was convinced justice was at hand. I had done it all unassisted by the FBI. I was sure, Chernov would be indicted and convicted. Justice would be served and an American life would be avenged. Coleman promised me multiple times that I would receive justice and thanked me for all my investigation without any assistance from them. In Salt Lake City, while giving a twelve hour statement to U.S. Attorney Shasky, I was told by Coleman and Shasky, this investigation led up to the highest levels. They told me, I would be amazed what had developed from that first phone call from me to the FBI. I am still waiting to be amazed.

The subpoenas arrived in early May, 2007, they subpoenaed me along with my wife and two older sons to speak before the grand jury in Salt Lake City. U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky told me they wanted no media coverage. I testified for three hours before the longest sitting grand jury in Utah history.[7] When we left the court house that day, there were TV cameras everywhere, at first, Shasky thought it related to us and appeared concerned. It was for a murder case being tried at the same time, although they did rush me out a side door to avoid the TV cameras. I kept wondering to myself, ‘What is it about this case that makes them nervous?’

Upon our arrival in Salt Lake City Coleman informed me they had arrested Chernov and Combs. This confused me. Then Coleman insisted I file a statement seeking to deny Combs’ bail. Until now I had trust in Coleman; now after I delivered a cooperating witness, the physical evidence and names of the murderers I began to lose that trust. However at this point in time, I was in no position to question the FBI or the U.S. Attorneys, Jennifer Shasky and Gregory Lisa. I had to rely upon their expertise and their promise of justice. I was confident it was now at hand.[8] Coleman convinced me they were on our side and we would get to testify at Chernov’s sentencing, to provide a victim impact statement.

I believed in the FBI, I believed in American justice, I believed in Special Agent Gregory Coleman, what happened in this case would change that forever.

Patrick Denham a.k.a. SA Gregory A. Coleman

We waited one year for any charges or development, nothing came and no news on the promised indictment. We continued to wait.

The next summer we traveled to New York to meet with Dateline NBC and Justin Balding, their senior executive producer. They had been speaking to us for a year and were excited we agreed to do the show. When I met with Justin in a deli across the street from NBC headquarters he shuffled nervously in his chair in obvious discomfort. NBC News instructed him not to pursue this story in any form. They dropped it from Dateline NBC, something had happened. What would make Dateline NBC afraid to tell the truth to the American public? I thought.

New York

Caiden Charlie Sr. New York Trip

Meanwhile we had come all this way at great expense for nothing. After informing me, we had a quick sandwich then he darted out the door without even the courtesy of meeting my wife. One of the strangest encounters of my life, he could not explain what had happened. Justin did mumble something about no murder charges being filed against Chernov, this rational had to be false, as we all remember the O.J. Simpson coverage before he was charged and many more cases from the Ramsey’s who appeared on Dateline NBC to Drew Peterson, who protested the news coverage before he was charged. It was a false and lame excuse. NBC News went from anxiously following the story for a year to dropping it in one day. There had to be a strong reason.

Trip to Dateline NBC NY, New York and FBI Headquarters

Later that afternoon, I went downtown Manhattan to the FBI Headquarters for a meeting with Gregory Coleman. While there he went through the motions of pretending the investigation was ongoing. Coleman introduced me to other agents that had been involved over the last two years. However I knew something had changed drastically. Like Justin Balding earlier that day, Greg had lost interest. Chernov had got away with murder. The sinking feeling in my stomach was as strong as the day we escaped from Thailand. I had lost my belief in justice. It was a frightening moment finally admitting to myself the truth of a system designed for a world most were not allowed to understand. The truth is hidden beneath layers of agents like Coleman, designed to placate us and hold our hands while justice is elusive and meted out on an adhoc basis, serving powers beyond our ability to comprehend.

A few years prior, Coleman arrested a relatively small time hustler, who served two and a half years in jail, it was a charade. It was used to highlight the FBI fighting financial crimes. The most stunning fact is the public buys it hook, line and sinker, so much so a movie embellished it and like so many Hollywood extravagant fairy tales, Coleman was a hero who caught the spoilt little Wolf of Wall Street. It is important to realize a first year criminology student could have tracked down the bread crumbs the size of boulders that Jordan Belfort left leading to his affluent drug invested lifestyle. Real life criminals capable of murder and extortion with connections to power at the highest levels were a much more sinister criminal and far above Coleman’s pay grade. I realized this fact too late.

Fraudulent Bulgarian Passport and Lori Judd Russian Passport

Vasko Svetlinov Aleksandrov

In late 2008, the court sentenced Egor Chernov to a paltry fifty-one months in prison on the fraudulent passport charges, he would serve thirty-six months.[9] While the chief witness against him, the court had still not sentenced Paul Combs, breaking another promise to him. Finally two months later The Judge sentenced Combs to forty-eight months in prison. I guess immunity in America, does not have the same meaning as in the rest of the free world. Paul’s words rang in my head, ‘never trust a G-man and the press will never report it.’

It appeared cooperation did not pay as Combs, through my efforts, had come forward, he had provided physical evidence, additionally as a bonus, he had provided the passports and a statement outlining the murder and murderers, the reward for his cooperation with American Justice and State Departments was eighteen months in jail.

A new Judge presided over a petition for early release filed by Combs in late January 2010. The U.S. Attorney, strongly opposed the motion. After reviewing the case the Judge took the unusual step of releasing Combs immediately to his home without any time in a half-way house.

After eighteen months in jail, Combs arrived to his Florida executive home. His wife, Maria had taken the children and gone to Peru while he was away. She was back in Florida but refusing to come home at present.

A few days after his release he called me. At this point in time, he was under a gag order. Combs was one of the toughest guys I had ever met. When he called me he was jovial and joking about his cute parole officer, who he was sure wanted a date. We talked of his time in jail, which he considered a piece of cake as he had been there before. He ran all the card games while inside and made some new acquaintances. The guy was unstoppable and wanted to move forward, make some money, and have some fun. He made it clear the only unfinished business was exposing the corrupt FBI, Justice and State departments.

There was no question Combs desperately wanted to have the whole story told. Chernov, according to Paul was a Russian spy as were all the Russians we met. The stunning fact, he reported, they were actors he told me. Nothing was as it seemed and the whole setup was being directed and run from Moscow. There was someone powerful, who directed it.

Then his tone got deeper and his voice sounded huskier as he stated, in his opinion, the corrupt FBI agents walked free to avoid any embarrassment to the FBI. Late May 2010, we agreed to meet in July, 2010, when we could work together and expose the entire story and the key players. He promised, he had the information, we needed to blow the case wide open and have the reluctant NBC News forced to report it. Our attention focused on Natasha Lebedeva, from Dateline NBC, who had tried to get him to talk while inside, being under a gag order he could not, now he would. Since he could not travel due to his parole conditions, I agreed to visit him in Florida. I would finally get the whole truth and this time nothing could stop me or so I thought.

On June 7th, 2010, I received a call from Special Agent Gregory Coleman, we spoke for over an hour. He kept assuring me since Paul Combs was out, the case would proceed. In a long conversation that morning, he complained of the incompetence within the Justice Department that led to Chernov not being indicted.

There was no question as he stated, if Combs testified, he would proceed against Chernov using a new U.S. Attorney out of New York who he trusted. In the final analysis Chernov would be charged and convicted. Paul Combs was the key, he kept repeating, to convince me he needed Combs. Combs last email to Chernov was provided to the FBI and can be read below.

Email Combs to Chernov

“Greg, why do you not arrange the arrest of Grimshaw and Winters, the hired assassins, and trade their cooperation and testimony against Chernov for reduced sentences?” I asked.

“Not a chance, I am not ready to go in that direction yet.” He answered.

In hindsight a disingenuous response. Since in the end, Coleman never charged or indicted anyone for the murder of Rex Judd. In view of this fact, it seemed absurd not to offer a deal to convict Chernov. I could not help but recall a man who was responsible for over fifty murders. On November 11, 1991, federal prosecutors announced Sammy Gravano became a cooperating government witness. Gravano would later testify against John Gotti and other high-ranking mobsters in exchange for a reduced sentence. You would have to assume the two Australians were worse than Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano, to accept Coleman's reluctance to offer them a reduced sentence.

It is true hindsight is 20/20 and the fact this statement was false, leaves me realizing I was never told the truth. In life to paraphrase, Stephen King, "only your enemies speak the truth; friends and government agents lie endlessly".

State and Justice Department had their own agenda, all the information provided by me and all the benefits were reaped for their careers. There was no consideration of criminal acts against me and my family or the murder of Rex Judd. These were small details in the U.S. Attorney’s rush to make a deal with the devil, Egor Chernov. He was represented by Jerome Mooney, who represented many other Russians who fell afoul of American law.

Less than an hour after the call with Gregory Coleman, the lead investigator on the case, I received a call from a reporter in Vancouver, Canada, Ethan Baron, who informed me that Paul Combs was dead. It is important to remember an hour earlier, Coleman kept stating Combs was the key witness in the case. I could not believe it, not again, when we were promised one more time we would get justice.[10]

Allegedly committed suicide June 5th, 2010

I called immediately back to Special Agent Gregory Coleman. The conversation belied the inability of an FBI Agent to simply tell the truth to a victim, he feigned surprise at the news of Combs death. Two hours later he called back and confirmed my worse fear; Combs was dead. Somehow I knew from his tone and attitude he had been aware the entire time we spoke earlier that day. One element he did not expect was for me to be informed by a reporter from Canada so quickly. This did surprise him and that was genuine. It became a perfect excuse all gift wrapped with the death of the key witness by suicide, Chernov would be freed.

The police report I was told, said he was drunk and at a BBQ with neighbors and depressed about his marriage, he came home and blew his brains out with his gun. I found it strange that a man on parole for extortion was in possession of a gun registered to him. Moreover within ten hours it was adjudicated to be a suicide, which one more time surprised me, given the fact, this determination by a medical examiner usually takes one to two weeks. Additionally when the autopsy report was released there was not one drop of alcohol in his system.

In September 2010, Egor Chernov applied to President Obama for a presidential pardon[11]. I did not realize that a foreign convict can apply for a pardon while incarcerated, as a citizen cannot. It did not make sense that a convicted criminal awaiting charges of murder would apply for a pardon. It was obvious Chernov had performed a great service for America and unlike us had been informed he would not be charged.

Russian Spies

In December 2010, Anna Chapman and nine other Russian spies were rounded up and shipped out of America. Incredibly Anna Chapman was lured by an undercover agent who produced a false Bulgarian passport, exactly the kind Egor Chernov produced. I was now aware of the service Chernov had provided and why he had sought a pardon. Since, I had information on his contacts in Cyprus and Thailand, which coincided with the Russian spies it was obvious Chernov had cooperated with the State Department and the FBI.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Farbiarz called the allegations against these 10 people living in the northeastern U.S. "the tip of the iceberg" of a conspiracy of Russia's intelligence service, the SVR, to infiltrate and collect U.S. information.[12]

After this case, all government agents involved in it were promoted. It was as though Rex and my family were simply collateral damage.[13] Our need for justice were superfluous to the agents of the State.

Consequently these agents would not have to admit involvement by the FBI and others too numerous to name here. It was a convenient outcome for the U.S. Justice Department. It was irrelevant that our lives were at risk as we wait for the reprisal of the Russians. I am fully aware writing about it puts my life in greater risk, however I will continue, even though credible death threats have already been received and reported. I brought this case and these criminals to the Justice Department and many more not named here and it will all be revealed in the coming book; Murder on the Andaman Sea.

When I testified before the Utah Grand Jury I was assured my testimony and the fact I had testified was secret and protected by stringent laws. Subsequently I discovered the fact I testified and portions of my testimony became known to Combs and Chernov. Immediately I contacted U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa, he comforted me by revealing, yes, their lawyers were entitled to this information, however I did not have to worry as they could not revel it to anyone else without a court order. This is tantamount to saying I only told your wife you cheated, do not worry she cannot tell anyone else! It became a fitting betrayal by a Justice Department which served the needs of criminals and abused those that innocently cooperated with them.

In the final analysis we were treated in a cruel fashion and thrown under the bus, revealing all we said to the very Russians, that their agent had reported to us, were extremely dangerous. On the other hand, not one media outlet in America would report. It was as though it never happened. Rex Judd simply disappeared and has never been seen again. The fact a grand jury spent hundreds of hours and only indicted Chernov for passport fraud is inconsequential to them. Our lives being in danger and this encounter having cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars simply did not matter.

I spent four years of my life pursuing and investigating the murder of Rex Judd and my close encounter of a Russian kind. I provided all the information on his murder, money laundering and extortion by an organized Russian gang whose tentacles of power reached to the highest levels. I did my civic duty.

In the end, the cufflinks and wedding ring identified by Judd’s wife, provided the physical evidence they required.


My life and those close to me remain at risk, as stated I have already received credible threats. Rex Judd and Paul Combs are dead and forgotten. I was threatened by the FBI not to reveal all of this information to the public. Since Gregory Coleman retired on January 29th, 2015, I feel free to do so.

The Justice Department promoted Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the U.S. Attorney to Director at Department of the Treasury/Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.[14] They also promoted her assistant Deputy U.S. Attorney, Gregory Lisa to Chief of Money Services Businesses and Casinos Section, Enforcement Division, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. These were the two U.S. Attorneys that failed to indict anyone in the murder of Rex Judd, an American citizen. In September 2008, two months after professing to me his ardent desire to spend the remainder of his career pursuing Egor Chernov, the FBI then promoted Special Agent Coleman to a position as part of the Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering Team.[15]

Special Agent Gregory Coleman now travels the world giving speeches about a relatively small time hustler with no international connections, the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.[16] Gregory Coleman never misses an opportunity to speak with any media outlet about the relatively irrelevant story of a spoilt rich kid, he refuses all interviews from reporters, newspapers, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal on this case. I delivered many of these requests.

Russian State Department banned Gregory Coleman for life from Russia due to this case. He is one of only eighteen Americans to be banned since the end of the Cold War.[17]

Mark Pinto and Chris, the FBI agents who worked with Chernov on his scams with full knowledge of the fraudulent passports were never charged and continued their careers.

Adam Wilson Grimshaw and Mark Winters, the Australian murderers of Rex Judd and attempted kidnapping of me were never charged or questioned. They continued their criminal exploits in Thailand emboldened by America’s reluctance to exact justice for a murdered American citizen.

Egor Chernov and Sasha Gorbachev live in Russia traveling in to Europe and Asia continuing their business with a slight interruption. Judge Marina Gorbacheva retired from the bench unceremoniously. Egor’s wife Lisa Dajany, a Palestinian divorced him and lives in Lehi, Utah.

Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Gregory Lisa, Brett Tolman also refuse to discuss any elements of this case with any member of the press.

Some things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth. The eBook will be released by the end of 2015, outlining the truth of the corruption; Murder on the Andaman Sea.[18]



















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