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Breaking News Sealed File of Paul Combs obtained Federal Agents lied under Oath!

Finally a slight break in this case, Paul Combs file was sealed by Judge Cassells the same Judge that sentenced a young 24 year old, Weldon Angelos to fifty-five years in jail.

The file is full of half truths and outright fabrications. Read it all here.

The truth is Special Agent Coleman was NOT contacted by Paul Combs. This is a complete fabrication. I personally put them in touch. It was long before September 15th, another untruth on the information given to the the Grand Jury to assist in indicting Paul Combs .

I personally told Special Agent Coleman that Paul Combs was heading to Lehi, Utah to confront Egor Chernov. I, as you can note, supplied all the emails to the FBI as it was in my best interest to keep Chernov alive. I believed their stories at the time that they would prosecute the corrupt FBI agents and indict Chernov for murder. I had no idea the FBI and Justice Department would lie to you. It is an experience I still have a hard time believing.

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