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Paul Combs - U.S. Attorney Shasky Calvery and FBI Special Agent Coleman

Paul Combs called me in mid June, 2006 and informed me he was a part of a conspiracy to torture my wife, forcibly defraud me of millions of dollars and then murder me and my wife. He admitted he had assumed the alias, Michael Woods when he first met me in The Bahamas and Phuket, Thailand. Further Paul Combs told me that he was present when Egor Chernov ordered the murder of Rex Judd, a business associate from Ontario, New York. Since I had already been informed by the United States Embassy Security Staff in Bangkok of Rex Judd's murder by Egor Chernov I accepted this as a fact.

At this point in time I had been investigating the attempt by Chernov and his gang to kidnap me on a sailboat in Phuket, Marina on the Andaman Sea. I had been lured by an invitation from DBS Securities, one of the largest financial frims in Singapore to the marina. However when I contacted DBS Securities I was informed it was a fraudulent invitation.

Inasmuch as I suspected a criminal conspiracy I was advised by the U.S. Embasssy and DBS Securities to contact the FBI. I immediately contacted Kelly Thomas of the Tampa Bay office of the FBI whom I had met prior. I was referred to Tim Bell and FBI Headquarters in NY eventually assigned Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman as chief investigator.

In order to proceed with an investigation Special Agent Coleman required, a witness, physical evidence and the names of the hired assassins engaged by Chernov. Notwithstanding the fact I had no powers of interrogation, no resources and no funding I proceeded to assist the FBI and Special Agent Coleman as best I could.

Paul Combs had a checkered past, he had been a convicted felon and had testified in other high profile cases. Judge John Contini had written a book about his cases, titled; Danger Road. In spite of his nefarious past and lack of trust in any government agents, I talked him into contacting Special Agent Coleman. He was promised immunity from prosecution for doing so.

Paul was a witness to Chernov giving the order to murder of Rex Judd, he provided Rex's cufflinks and wedding band as physical evidence, further he provided the names of the murderers and of the corrupt FBI agents who facilitated Chernov's conspiracy. In the end, he also provided the fraudulent identification provided by Chernov of fake passports, drivers license and business cards. He turned out to be a goldmine of information, along the lines of Sammy 'the bull' Gravano. SA Coleman was thrilled and thanked me profusely.

Finally in June, 2007 one year later, I was called to testify before a grand jury in Salt Lake City, Utah. The time for justice for the murder of Rex and attempted murder and torture of me and my wife had come. I was sure Paul Combs and I would be meeting and after testifying to the grand jury to convict Egor Chernov, a cold blooded Russian immigrant murderer.

It all changed drasitcally in Salt Lake City in June, 2007.

Early in the morning of June 23rd, 2007, Gregory Schlosser of U.S. State Departement Security and Gregoy Coleman picked me up to meet with the U.S. Attorney, Jennifer Shasky Calvery.

I was informed at this point in time, Russian mafia chief Egor Chernov, the mastermind of financial fraud and murder had been arrested. A smile crept across my face, until I was then informed the number one cooperating witness, without whose tesitmoney a conviction against Chernov was impossible, had also been arrested. U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery and U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa had destroyed their own prosecution of an immigrant murderer from Russia. I was stunned.

In the enusing years as Chernov was locked up for a crime they could not avoid, fraudulent passports, I was promised continously by SA Coleman a murder indictment was coming. This turned out to be absolutely false. NBC News and Dateline NBC scheduled a one hour special with Keith Morrison on this story, until the President of NBC or his underlying intervened and prevented any mention of it on NBC News.

Afterward we waited for any news. I was finally informed by SA Coleman that the U.S. Attorney was incompetent and/or stupid and he was now working with a new U.S. Attorney our of New York. This also turned out to be questionable information as I found out subsequently SA Coleman had been transferred and removed from this case in August 2008.

In January 2010, Paul Combs appeared before Hon. Clark Waddoups and an amazing legal manouever took place before the court. The U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa dropped the case of extortion against the murderer Egor Chernov and instead proceeded to convict Combs of conspircy to make, furnish or possess false passports. This is amazing as the only reason they became aware of the false passports is due to Paul Combs testimony against himself. Immunity from prosecution in the end became incriminating himself, which is against the U.S. Constitution.

Hon. Judge Waddopus released Paul Combs for thirty-six months of supervised release. It stated clearly in the terms of his release "The defendant shall not possess a firearm, ammunition, destructive device, or any other dangerous weapon."

Paul Combs release back to his home in Davie, Florida was fought visciously by U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa, as he was determined, it seemed, that Paul Combs would never testify against Egor Chernov for murder or the involvement of two corrupt FBI Agents. The Judge ignored the U.S. Attorney's protestations and released Paul directly to his home rather than is customary to a half-way house. The Justice Department was enraged according to Combs.

After serving two and one-half years in jail he was released. He was convicted after confessing and cooperating with the FBI in order to prosecute a murderer, Egor Chernov. Paul Combs called me from his home and informed me of the corruption in the U.S. State and Justice Department and that in fact, Egor Chernov was a Russian spy and mastermind of a large criminal conspiracy. He offered to expose it all in July, 2010.

On June 7th, 2010 after speaking with SA Coleman for an hour, it was revealed to me by a reporter that Paul Combs was dead. The police statement ruled it a suicide by a gunshot wound to the head, it was claimed he was drunk and depressed. The Medical Examiner immediately ruled it a suicide with no investigation or toxicology reports, which is extremely rare.

The gun used was registered to Paul Michael Combs according to the reports. Yet, he was prevented from owning a firearm. The autospy reported some months later there was not a drop of alcohol or drugs in his blood.

Three agents were charged with prosecuting Egor Chernov and failed to do so. They allowed a murderer to walk free. They did imprison a cooperating witness and caused his death, one way or the other. The agents Robert Tully, Jennifer Shasky Calvery and Gregory Lisa were all promoted within the departments of Justice and Treasury. Jennifer Shasky commented on the fine leveled against Donald Trump in her new position as head of FinCen. As a matter of fact, Jennifer Shasky Calvery being promoted to Head of FinCen broke the rules forcing her to hire veterans in order to ensure she could hire her former assistant in this case, Gregory Lisa. (reported here)

Jennifer Shasky Calvery was first appointed Chief of Asset Forfieture and Money Laundering Section in the Treasury Department in July 2010, one month after her chief witness was desposed of in this case by an alleged suicide. Amazingly at the same time, Special Agent Gregory Coleman who labeled Jennifer Shasky as incompetent had joinded a new squad within the FBI two years prior, Asset Fortieture and Money Laundering, and now worked one more time with Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the incompetent or stupid (his words) U.S. Attorney.

Hollywood is controlled by the Director of the FBI as Congressional law dictates as to how and in what fashion they portray an FBI agent or the Agency. Steven Spielberg took a lousy book about a small time boiler room boy, who a first year detective could have prosecuted. They then turned a small time rat, with an embellished twist into "The Wolf of Wall Street." Jordan Belfort now makes a living on the speaking tour as the "Wolf", his captor makes his living speaking of catching the "Wolf". While SA Coleman never misses a paid speaking engagement or a chance to be interviewed about this "Wolf", he refuses all interviews about a true criminal who walked free due to incompetence or stupidty in his own words.

Egor Chernov is a free man today traveling in Asia and Europe looking for his next victim. Rex Judd is dead and Paul Combs is dead, two relatively innocent victims of a failed justice system. We live in constant fear for our lives. Our only protection is publicity. Every publication from NBC News, Fox News, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune have refused to cover the Russian murderer who got away with the help of the Justice Department. The same Justice Department who put Weldon Angelos a first time offender for marijuana with the same lawyer as Egor Chernov and in the same court room, away for fifty-five years.

It is also the same Justice Department that begs Putin to return Edward Snowden to face trial for perhaps putting an American life in danger but they sent Chernov a Russian mafia murderer with connections up to Putin back to Russia after he murdered an American citizen.

Yes, indeed the bastion of democracy and freedom and justice?

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