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Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman not a super sleuth. Sex, Drugs and Murder the Goal

Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman was assigned to investigate the drugging and murder of Rex Judd, the drugging and attempted murder of Robert White, the drugging and attempted murder of Peter Maron and the drugging, attempted torture, kidnapping and murder of me and my wife. In this role the famous prosecutor of the Wolf of Wall Street fame was not up to the task. I dedicated four years of my life assisting and investigating the case alongside, Special Agent Gregory Coleman.

Chernov and his hired assassins used young Thai boys and girls in their attemtps to extort money and favours from American Justice officials and their victims. It was reported they filmed, Mark Pinto, an FBI agent from Las Vegas, Nevada with young prostitutes. They filmed Robert White with young male prostitutes and arranged his arrest when he failed to comply. They filmed Peter Maron with young girl prostitutes to attempt to extort him but their drugging went too far and they left him for dead. They attempted to film me with young prostitutes but I remained conscious and refused to participate. They arranged to torture and murder my wife, Elizabeth in an attempt to force me to comply but we narrowly escaped.

Notwithstanding the fact I had no powers of interrogation, no resources and no funding, I produced a witness, Paul Combs, physical evidence, Judd's cufflinks and wedding band, the names of the hired assassins, Adam Wilson Grimshaw and Mark Winters. Further to all of this evidence I was able to locate and produce for the FBI, the false passports of Rex Judd, Egor Chernov, Lori Judd and Paul Combs. On the other hand with all the investigating powers of the FBI, Special Agent Gregory Coleman, who ostensibly was unrelenting and persevering in the case of the "Wolf" as presented by Hollywood, produced not one single witness, piece of evidence or any scintilla of an ability to prosecute a true criminal. The FBI was a complete failure in a true life investigation of murder and prosecution, unlike their heralded heroics as embellished in the Hollywood blockbuster.

Irony is not lost on me, Special Agent who headed up the biggest corrupt murder case in U.S. history now makes his living speaking about corruption. I was warned personally by Special Agent Coleman to not tell the truth to the media. He stated clearly if I did, he would not retire and spend the remainder of his career ensuring I suffered untold charges at the behest of the FBI. Since he was gifted with the portrayal of The Wolf of Wall Street, he slid into retirement to capitalize on his new found fame.

No one ever called him "Wolf" but makes selling the myth easier. Truth easy to find.

Today, Jordan Belfort and Gregory Coleman, both make their living speaking and promoting the myth of the Wolf of Wall Street. It is inconsequential nonsense, I knew ten Wolfs much larger and longer lasting than the silly self-promoting boy of this Hollywood tale. However I know of only one agent who was prevented from doing his job and in my opinion rewarded with the fabrication of being a super sleuth. Perhaps Jordan's or Chernov's millions could not buy him but he sold his soul to the men he personally referred to as "the suits".

I never dreamt this type of corruption or manipulation of the media and the public's perception could take place. In this instance I witnessed first-hand the duplicity and aboslute hypocritical ability of the U.S. Justice and State Department to cold heartedly allow a murderer walk free. I was promised personally the two FBI agents that provided confidential information on me to the Russian Mafia spies would be prosecuted; they were not.

It is time for all of us to realize, the only thing it takes for evil to succeed is for good men or women to do nothing. I realize fully my task is herculean in trying to overcome the threats, the power and the intimidation wielded by the U.S. Government. This Justice Department that cries for the return of Edward Snowden from Russia as he may have endangered an American life while at the same time allowing Egor Chernov who murdered an American to return to Russia a free man.

I watched in horror as Weldon Angelos, a 24 year old man with the same lawyer and in the same court

house as Egor Chernov, a known murderer, was sentenced to fifty-five years in jail, while Chernov was slapped on the wrist and sentenced to fifty-one months before being set free.

How can the American media and public ignore such injustce and pretend "all lives matter?"

Emails to Special Agent Gregory Coleman:

Charlie Flynn

Aug 31 (7 days ago)

to Gregory

Hi Greg,

I did know it was not about a beer.

I am afraid though I will never get what I wanted. I wanted justice.

Chernov and Angelos shared the same lawyer, went to court in the same Federal courthouse (Combs even shared the same Judge), one is a murderer and financial fraud artist, one sold $350 worth of marijuana. The latter got 55 years in jail the prior 51 months. How can anyone in the justice system sleep or look in a mirror?

Is this what is all comes down to in life? I am disheartened. I am disappointed. I am frustrated. It is so hard to understand I did all the investigative work. I found Combs. I found the passports. I named the murderers. There was no other evidence presented. I had no powers of interrogation, no funding and no resources. How can the FBI allow this to happen? There is no possible explanation.

They simply left me out to dry. I know you did not, but you are part of this system. They made that movie about a boiler room boy and created a myth. Yet you will not grant an interview about Chernov or Judd. How can this be justice or in anyway moral?

Greg, I do not get it and a beer or a talk cannot change the fact. I delivered a murderer to you guys and they let him go. This is a crime against justice.

I do not understand why you cannot tell the truth to a reporter or the media. Is it truly hiding the truth from the American people?

We cannot just put this down to incompetence or stupidity, can we? We can tell the story and the truth, there is no reason not to do so.

Is this really the way the 'system' is supposed to work? I did it all for what? I provided you with the information, I did all I could and my reward was what?

How can you allow it? I am so sorry, this is allowed to happen. Chernov applied for a Presidential pardon while you told me we were waiting for a indictment for murder. Hardly a sensible thing for him to do if the latter is true, was it?

Dismayed at how we can walk away knowing the truth, do all lives matter? We both know the truth and sometimes it is all that matters in life. Sometimes it is about doing the right thing no matter what the costs. I am determined to tell the truth about this case, although I cannot promise Spielberg will make a movie about Chernov.

It is really sad, Greg, truly sad, I do not know how much of your government service was tied up in political considerations, but perhaps that comment in Utah said it all, "here come the suits." as the Attorney General Gonzales walked up with his team. They are all just hollow suits.

Is there justice? Why not talk to a reporter and tell the truth? I do not understand. Am I left out to dry but an ungrateful Justice Department? Shasky hires Lisa and gets in trouble, if they only knew the whole truth.

Disappointed Charlie

12:30 AM, Gregory Coleman wrote:


Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but I've been busy trying to make a living. I don't have Uncle Sam sending me funds every two weeks anymore. ;-)

You told me that when I retired you would buy me a beer. I told you that I'd love to have a beer with you and sit and chat.

I'm still waiting for that beer and you're still waiting for the chat, so let's find a time and place to get together.


On Mar 2, 2015, at 10:15 PM, Gregory Coleman wrote:

Hey Charlie,

Hope you and the family are doing well. It's true, I retired on January 30, 2015. After 25+ years, it was time to move onto something new.

Quite disappointed that I left some unfinished business behind, but I fought every battle that I could and leave with a clear conscience knowing that I tried my best. Unfortunately, being stupid and/or incompetent is not illegal and I faced more than my share of prosecutors and supervisors who were both. I briefed some other agents on the matter and there is a possibility that some fresh new faces may take a look at it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Would love to get together with you some time, have a drink and a nice meal, and chat for a bit. I may be in Toronto in May, but no plans for Vancouver or Majorca at the moment.

All the best,


PS: This is the email that I will be using until I get everything set up. I will forward you the new contact information once the process is completed.

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