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Tale of 3 men- Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Egor Chernov

American Justice and State Department demand the extradition of Edward Snowden, you can smell the anticipation as they hungrily wait to have British Police pounce on Julian Assange if he wonders outside the Ecudorian Embassy.

Uncle Sam wants these two whistleblowers. Why are they so desperate to stop the truth from being released? What secrets are so valuable that they insist upon incarcerating anyone that dares to utter the truth?

In the case of Egor Chernov, according to an FBI Affidavit filed by Special Agent of Wall Street fame, Gregory A. Coleman, he was responsible for the murder of an American. It would appear as a reward for not telling the truth, Gregory Coleman was allowed to retire and spend the rest of his career talking about this Hollywood fabricated story as though he was a super sleuth. This is the same agent you must remember who was prevented by the incompetence or corruption in the Justice Department from indicting Egor Chernov. U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery was provided a witness, Paul Combs, physical evidence, Rex Judd's cufflinks and wedding band and the names of the hired assassins, Adam Grimshaw and Mark Winters. In spite of this, one of the longest serving grand jury in Utah history was not asked to indict Egor Chernov under this U.S. Attorney, she was later promoted to head FinCen never explaining her failure to protect the lives of Americans.

Ironically this same Federal Court house in Utah with the same lawyer defending a client for marijuana sales of three hundred and fifty dollars not only indicted this harmless felon but sentenced him to fifty-five years in jail.

The U.S. Attorney was able to get a sentence of fifty-one months on a charge a meter maid could have handled. I presented them with the false passports with Chernov's picture and emails confirming he had conspired to obtain them.

This information is verifiable on the internet with a quick search. Can anyone read this and believe one word the U.S. Government says? In this case Special Agent Coleman blamed the incompetence and/or stupidity of the U.S. Attorney. The U.S. Attorney would not cooperate in a search for justice. They protected, it would seem, their two corrupt agents, who provided confidential information gathered under terrorism laws to Russian spies.

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are wanted for being whistle blowers surely that is more honorable than seeing wrong and doing nothing.

Special Agent Coleman is feted around the world for prosecuting a known drug infested obvious boiler room boy, yet the same agent had a murderer in his grasp and was forced to let Egor Chernov and his two hired assassins walk free. No media outlet in America is allowed to print the truth. Edward Snowden and Julian Assanage are charged with doing so. WSJ and NBC News requested an interview but Special Agent Coleman is too busy being paid to talk about the boiler room boy from Queens N.Y. in packed conference centers around the world. Ironically he speaks at conferences mainly concerned with corruption. Despite his promises his two fellow corrupt agents were never charged or fired from the FBI. Physcian heal thyself!

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