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U.S. Attorney Robert Tully, FinCen Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Chief Financial Crimes Enforcem

While this email is hard to miss as it is listed on their personal google searches as outlined here.

It has been over two weeks since I wrote the email to the above individuals. Inasmuch as I have heard vague threats from some questionable sources that I should keep quiet, I have heard nothing from any of those above charged with upholding the criminal justice system in America. Does it not make sense if someone asks you why you did not prosecute to the full extent of the law as you are duty-bound to do, that you would want to explain why you did not? It appears as though these fine upstanding gentlemen and succeesful lady have no interest answering a simple question - why did you not do your job?

It would appear, although this may change tomorrow or one day soon if I do receive an answer, that these individuals do not want to take the opportunity to clarify the truth. I can not imagine any reason not to answer if they did as the U.S. consitution dictates I would think they would be in a hurry to answer and remove any doubt, no?

In the case of FinCen director Jennifer Shasky Calvery her job is to stop money laundering, yet Egor Chenrov when charged with using a contraband cell phone at the end of his incarceration by Special Agent Coleman, paid his fine with $100,000 cash. It seems to me when the DOJ or American Government is benefitting from money laundering it is legal. How did a man incarcerated for four years produce this kind of cash on a moments notice? I think Ms. Shasky-Calvery, the head of FinCen must know the answer to that simple question. Yet she maintains her silence.

Ms. Shasky-Calvery's assistant in the case of Egor Chernov was U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa, he was the vigilant U.S. Attorney who charged and convicted their number one cooperating witness that I personally produced for them on the promise of immunity. Rather than seek his testimony as outlined in FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman's affidavit, U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa prosecuted Paul Combs and requested a lengthy prison sentence. This obviously destroyed any hope of prosecuting the murder of Rex Judd. U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa was hired by his former lead U.S. Attorney in this case, Jennifer Shasky Calvery against established hiring practices according to some Congressional reports. He is now Chief, Money Services Businesses and Casinos Section, Enforcement Division, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

FBI Special Agent Gregory A Coleman fought the good fight against these less-than-cooperative U.S. Attorneys but alas could not fight alone and could not prosecute. Although in frustration he did bring the last minute contraband cell phone charge against Chernov, which is like charging a rapist with jay-walking. In his words, he cannot be held responsible for incompetent or stupid prosecutors. I beleive he could speak to the media and be a proud whistleblower but he refuses. Today he makes his living speaking about the corruption of a boiler room drug infested boy out of Queens, NY. a.k.a. The wolf of Wall Street (fable).

U.S. Attorney Robert Tully, U.S. Attorney Bruce Ohr and U.S. Attorney Douglas Crow were bystanders when I would state clearly they had no right to be, in my opinion. If they saw wrong they should have reported or taken steps to do the right thing. No one in this case has done so to the best of my knowledge.

I will keep you posted if any of the agents of the U.S. Government who so dearly want to prosecute Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for telling the truth, ever take any steps to tell the truth in this case. I am not holding my breath but always hopeful. Ironically they want to prosecute Snowden, they report as he may have put an American citizen's life in danger yet Egor Chernov walked free to Russia after taking an American citizen's life. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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