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FBI Special Agent Gregory A Coleman at WAISC in Niagara Falls and Vancouver

If you had any doubts about the media complicity in hiding the truth from the public this case and this agent destroy any naive belief in a free and vigourous press and justice in America.

Over one hundred journalists and have been contacted with many becoming interested in the apparent corruption exhibited in this case investigated by an agent that makes his living talking about corruption. FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman fought a fight to seek justice for the murder of Rex Judd, the Justice Department would not allow it. They decided Egor Chernov who murdered an American would walk free. They would not provide the truth to the public. It is hidden in sealed files and one reason must be the corrupt FBI agents who worked and supplied information to Chernov and the Russian mafia and spies.

FBI Special Agent Mark Pinto traveled and worked with Chernov, it was stated to me by Special Agent OCD that he would ensure justice was done. No information has been provided to confirm this fact. As a matter of fact FBI Special Agent Coleman who travels the world being paid to talk about the "Wolf" a fabricated Hollywood myth will not answer any questons about the case. No main stream media outlet will question him on the reasons for allowing Chernov to walk free. This is the free press and vigorous investigative journalists you rely upon to furnish the truth.

The Wall Street Journal requested an interview as witnessed by the emails below but SA Coleman's lips were sealed as he talks about corruption.

NBC News requested an interview but they were refused and then NBC President Steve Capus, who was dumped by NBC News under a cloud of suspicion would not allow any reporting on this case.

If you ever had any doubt the Justice and State Departments lie and decieve the American public, this case proves it beyond any doubt. If they are capable of lying once they are capable of lying in every instance that suits them and no one in the press will protect your right to know. We have the proof.

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Weldon Angelos was just 24 years old when he was sentenced to fifty-five years in federal prison for three marijuana sales. You would like to think it is an oddity or a mistake in the justice system, however Weldon is actually one of the hundreds of thousands of federal prisoners serving decades-long sentences for non-violent crimes, thanks to mandatory minimum sentencing laws created in the 1980s during America’s war on drugs.[1]

In Weldon’s case it is unlikely he will live long enough to experience freedom, get married or have a family. The Judge that put him there, Paul Cassell sat on the same Federal bench as another Judge in Utah, Dale Kimball.

In the words of Judge Cassell, “I sometimes drive near the prison where he’s held, and I think, ‘Gosh he shouldn’t be there. Certainly not as long as I had to send him there. ... That wasn't the right thing to do. The system forced me to do it.”

Now coincidentally Egor Chernov, a Russian immigrant living in Lehi, Utah and Weldon Angelos shared the same attorney, Jerome Mooney. When Judge Kimball received the pre-trial affidavit on Egor Chernov, it stated, “The fraudulent passports are inextricably tied to the murder of C.C. 1 (Rex Judd)” It outlined how Egor Chernov had ordered the murder as detailed by the FBI’s chief cooperating witness, Paul Combs.

Judge Cassell sentenced, Weldon Angelos to 55 years in jail for the non-violent crime of selling marijuana, while carrying a firearm (without it ever being brandished or seen by anyone other than one government witness). On the other hand, Judge Kimball sentenced Egor Chernov, the head of a Russian mafia gang that in my testimony and Paul Combs, before the longest serving grand jury in Utah, ordered the murder of Rex Judd and the kidnapping and murder of me, to fifty-one months in jail. There is no parole in the Federal sentencing system.

Let us go back to September 15th, 2005, when Rex Judd, a businessman, from upstate New York boarded a plane at JFK. His wife Lori Judd had dropped him as she pecked him lightly on the cheek, curbside. She thought he would be back in two weeks she would never see him again alive or dead.

Testimony was given to the grand jury that Egor Chernov woke up early on a September morning two weeks prior and sent a wire for the rental of the sailboat from Western Union in Walmart just off route 15 in Lehi, Utah to Pattaya, Thailand. As the testimony details, Rex Judd flew across the Pacific hitting small turbulence as two Australians prepared chains and batteries for Judd's arrival in Pattaya, Thailand. It details how when Judd arrived he was given drinks spiked with Xanax or as the murderers called it, lobster blood, the same drink they offered to me in Phuket as stated in my sworn testimony to the grand jury.

In his statement Paul Combs described how the Australians loaded Rex Judd onto a flatbed small truck for the short ride to his hotel. It was reported by the hotel staff that Judd never checked-in that night. In the early morning hours, in the shipping lanes off the coast of Pattaya one of the Australians reported to Paul Combs and Egor Chernov that Rex Judd had his teeth knocked out with a large wrench and his body tied with chains to old car batteries. He slowly drifted to his watery grave at the bottom of the Andaman Sea.

Chernov, a Russian immigrant in Salt Lake City, Utah, arranged one more time for the Australians to book a sailboat in March, 2006 as he prepared to head back to Thailand. This time his victim would be me. This was reported to me by FBI Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman as it was revealed by Paul Combs during his investigation.

I arrived with my wife, my elder son and our one year old son in Phuket, Thailand for a family vacation. Further it was discovered during the investigation by the FBI, on a prior trip in January, 2006, the Australians had been ordered by Chernov to torture my wife and subsequently murder us both and dump our bodies in the Andaman Sea. Our fate had been sealed until Paul Combs, who at the time posed as Michael Woods, realized my cousin, Steve Dewhurst, and was one of his golfing buddies from Florida. Paul Combs refused to participate, this caused a delay in their plans until we returned in March, 2006.

When we arrived back in Phuket in late March, 2006, we were ready to enjoy a family vacation. After a few days I ended up on a sailboat in Phuket Marina on March 29th. Futher I had been lured by Chernov as he used a fraudulent invitation, falsely claiming to be from DBS Securities, one of the largest investment banking corporation in Singapore COO, Frank Wong. On a sunny day in the jungle clad harbour of Phuket marina Chernov ordered his hired assassins to taser me. Subsequently their plan was to kidnap and then murder me in a watery grave in the Andaman sea. In the most extraordinary circumstances aided by some incredible luck I escaped.

Buddha says, "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

After escaping from Thailand, with the aid of the British Embassy providing a police convoy to the airport we arrived in Hong Kong on April 2nd, 2006. I immediately, started an investigation to seek justice. Inasmuch as I had no powers of interrogation, no funding and no resources, I pushed on every lead and contact I could find.

Consequently during the course of this investigation I discovered that Michael Woods, the co-conspirator and associate of Chernov was a close friend of my cousin, Steve Dewhurst and in reality named Paul Combs who lived in Davie, Florida.

Subsequently I continued my investigation with the American Embassy I spoke to a Diplomatic Security Service Agent, Andrew Loftus. Further he informed me, Rex Judd, our friend, who disappeared in September, 2005, was dead and murdered by Chernov. I was shocked and shaking as I realized how fortunate I was to have escaped.

In view of this new information I knew it was now time to dig deeper therefore, I spent the next few months investigating the background of the Russians that participated in the murder of Rex Judd and attempted murder of me. It was discovered they were based in Salt Lake City. They had been sent to infiltrate American society to extract as much money and information as possible.

The FBI assigned Special Agent Gregory Coleman, of Wolf of Wall Street fame, to the case in early June, 2005. Shortly he began his investigation but required in his words, a witness, physical evidence and the names of the actual murderers. He contacted Alan Loftus in the American Embassy in Thailand in order to get the background on the disappearance and reported death of Judd. In view of these requirements, I continued to investigate without any assistance from the Justice Department.

Finally my big break came as I got a call from a Scott Vanderweel, an American friend of Rex Judd and a financial victim of Chernov and his gang. He informed me he was golfing with Michael Woods, a.k.a. Paul Combs, the American from Florida, Chernov had hired to assist in murdering and torturing me and my wife, he stated Combs wanted to speak to me. The next day I got the call from Combs and he informed me of the facts in this case, he was present in Phuket when Chernov gave the order to murder Rex Judd. Further, he flew out of Phuket to Singapore with Chernov to provide him an alibi at the time Rex Judd was murdered.

In view of the murder of Rex Judd having been done, one day later they returned to Phuket. As a consequence of his murder Combs obtained all his possessions including his wedding ring, cufflinks and credit cards. At that point in time his cards were shredded and spread in the garden in Phuket but he kept the cufflinks and wedding band. These were eventually turned over to the FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman with my assistance.

As we spoke Paul Combs explained to me, he posed as Michael Woods, after being hired by Chernov to torture my wife and murder us. Further, he told how the aim of Chernov was to get my computer and access to my Swiss and Bermudian bank accounts after I was dead. Consequently in January they rented a villa, blacked out the windows in order to torture my wife, Lisa and force me to sign across all shares and funds in my accounts. Further they had bought the chains and batteries in which we were to be bound and buried in the shipping lanes of the Andaman Sea. I was shaking uncontrollably as I put the phone down.

Finally I had a witness, the murderers, and physical evidence that Special Agent Gregory Coleman of Wolf of Wall Street fame had said he needed to prosecute and convict Chernov. It was clear since Combs felt he owed me after agreeing to participate with Chernov in my murder therefore, he would cooperate on my behalf.

In the final analysis Paul Combs agreed to provide the information to the FBI so I arranged a meeting in New York with Special Agent Coleman. As a matter of fact once in New York he provided a lengthy statement detailing the conspiracy of murder and extortion by Chernov. There was a bonus, Combs had the fraudulent passports and ID and the ones Chernov provided to him. I In view of his assistance to the Justice Department Combs was promised limited immunity from prosecution. In light of the illicit passports the FBI had another criminal offense to prosecute Chernov and extract information about the murder of Rex Judd.

FBI Agent Coleman assured me, he would be able to prosecute and convict Egor Chernov for his crimes. I was now confident of justice in this case after my months of effort and the risk imposed on my life.

The subpoena came for me and my family to testify before one of the longest sitting grand jurys in Utah history in June, 2007. After a long wait we were content justice would now be served. I was informed by U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery, upon arriving in Utah that she was extremely cautious of any media attention to this case, due to the personal safety concerns for me and my family. Finally, we were assured Egor Chernov would face a judge and jury and we would be entitled, in the least to give a victim impact statement, in the event he plead guilty which Special Agent Coleman thought likely due to the overwhelming evidence.

In preparation for testifying before the grand jury I read the affidavit provided by Special Agent, Coleman, it stated clearly, "the fraudulent passports are inextricably intertwined with the murder of Rex Judd." Alternatively I was nearly knocked off my feet as I was told they arrested their key cooperating witness, Paul Combs. Therefore, I was stunned, how the key cooperating witness I had provided could be arrested and still expected to cooperate was beyond my comprehension.

The next year flew by then the next June I met with the Special Agent Gregory Coleman at FBI headquarters in New York City. I pushed for answers on the indictment of Chernov, consequently he informed me that the incompetency of the Justice Department prevented him from charging Chernov. Then he told me there was a new U.S. Attorney out of New York who would handle the case and would ensure Chernov was indicted, I was confused. At that point in time I was told Chernov had provided them with sensitive information and if the Russians realized the extent of his cooperation with the U.S. State Department his life would be in danger. As I listened I could sense from the tone of Coleman's voice, he was not sure Chernov would ever be prosecuted.

Afterward we continued to wait as months became years as we got calls every few months from the FBI and Justice Department promising us charges were forthcoming. All the files in the case were sealed in early 2010 as a matter of national security.

As a matter of fact Egor Chernov applied for a Presidential pardon in 2010 for a service he had provided to America. Alternately in late 2010 Anna Chapman and nine other Russian spies, were arrested, at the time the media were told by the U.S. Attorney, Michael Farbiarz this was the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Coincidentally they were lured with the same type of fake passports Egor Chernov produced.[2]

After almost three years Paul Combs, the prosecution’s number one cooperating witness, was released from jail against the strong protests of the U.S. Attorney in January, 2010. Subsequent to his release he returned to his home in Davie, Florida, shortly afterward he called me and promised he had all the information to blow the case wide open and expose the corruption. One more time and one last chance, I felt justice was at hand. We were to meet in July, 2010.

Then on June 7th, 2010 I got a call from FBI Special Agent, Gregory Coleman as he spoke to me he described at length of the case proceeding and new information from Thailand and Russia was coming. I was convinced one more time we could proceed and get justice in this case now four years later.

It did not take long to realize the reason for his lengthy phone call as an hour after I hung up I got an email from a reporter in Canada, Ethan Barron informed me Paul Combs was dead.

As a result of this information my fingers trembled as I attempted to dial back to Special Agent Greg Coleman. Shortly he picked up and then he denied Combs was dead or in the least he had not been informed of this fact. However two hours later he called back and informed me that it was true; Paul Combs was dead of suicide. Later it was reported as a gunshot wound to the head while Combs was drunk and depressed. It seemed incomprehensible to me that the chief investigator of this case would not be informed two days after his cooperating witness committed suicide. As a consequence of this less than forthcoming honesty I challenged every word the Special Agent of the FBI had ever told me. At the end of the story one fact was undeniable he failed to prosecute a murder.

In view of Combs’ death I feared for the life of me and my family. We had cooperated with the Justice Department and provided them with all the evidence in this important case and yet they had not done nothing to further the cause of justice. At this point it was three years since Chernov had been arrested, Weldon Angelos was now serving his sixth year of his fifty-five year sentence for trafficking in $350 worth of marijuana and no charges were laid against a Russian murderer and now the main witness was dead from suicide. Rex Judd had been dead for almost five years now and the delay, stall and lack of pursuit of justice became obvious.

Alternatively when I had spoken to Paul Combs he appeared upbeat and intent on exposing Chernov as a spy and the Justice Department for corruption. They wanted to convince us a convicted felon had a gun registered in his own name was drunk and adjudicated by a medical examiner in record time as a suicide. Finally when the autopsy report was released there was not one drop of alcohol or drugs in his system.

Justice being denied, on June 11, 2011 Egor Chernov flew out of America to Moscow a free man. Alternatively Weldon Angelos, Mooney’s other client in the same Federal justice system, has his release date set in 2051, given that here is no parole in the Federal justice system. In consequence I found the irony stomach churning. Additionally Chernov paid one hundred thousand dollars in cash as a fine and did not have to go through the normal deportation center as other foreign criminals are subjected. Egor M. Chernov, the murderer of Rex Judd, walked away a free man and in my opinon U.S. Attorney, Jennifer Shasky Calvery, U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa and Special Agent Gregory Coleman were aware of this fact.[3]

The Fourteenth amendment to the United States constitution states, "equal protection of the laws", every citizen or naturalized American is to be treated equally under the law. Perhaps Egor Chernov was lucky he was an immigrant.

Weldon Angelos today languishes in jail for selling three hundred and fifty dollars’ worth of marijuana, Egor Chernov enjoys life as a free man traveling throughout Europe and Asia. The number one witness Paul Combs is dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Rex Judd's remains are still chained to batteries at the bottom of the Andaman Sea.

Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the chief U.S. Attorney has been promoted to the Head of FinCen in the treasury department, she immediately hired Gregory Lisa, against the hiring policies of her own department according to Congressional investigators. Special Agent Gregory Coleman retired and never misses an opportunity for an interview or paid speaking engagement on the inconsequential boiler room boy, Jordan Belfort, a.k.a. The Wolf of Wall Street. He will not speak to any reporter or interviewer about Egor Chernov. My family and I live in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, always vigilant and aware that the threats received to date could one day materialize into an actual attempt on my life. In honour of Rex Judd and Weldon Angelos, two victims of a corrupt legal system I will not be silenced.

A great man said, “The only thing it takes for evil to succeed is for good men (and women) to do nothing.” It is time for Americans to demand equal justice under the law.

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