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Victory! In spite of threats from NBC, FBI and Russians - Truth prevails!

On a day that I never thought would come, despite the threats to my life and liberty from the FBI, NBC News and the attempt by the Russians to silence me; the truth is revealed!

Today everyone can learn the truth of the corruption rife within the media, the State and Justice Departments aiding and abetting Russian spies who murdered an American. Ironically every agent, Judge or U.S. Attorney who dealt with this miscarriage of justice ended up promoted. As stated one, Special Agent Gregory Coleman now spends his career on a paid speaking tour condemning corruption. U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery climbed the bureaucratic ladder to become Head of FinCen. She immediately hired her co-counsel in this case, U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa. She did so by ignoring or side-stepping the hiring guidelines in place at the Treasury Department according to Congressional records.

As a small gesture of justice in the world we are able to tell our story. It is all here from the torture and kidnapping to the murder and attempted murder. Three men went to Thailand one lived to tell his story, and in honour of Rex Judd and other victims this day has come!

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