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2 more Lies as Russian immigrants try to lie to America Public. Valery Tarasov and Lev Goncharov -

The lawyer Valery Tarasov who wrote to Amazon trying to stop the publication of my book runs a site called Russian-American Business.

Mr. Tarasov a professional lawyer who exhibits his professionalism by seeming to use deception to do his clients bidding. What an advocate! He represented Egor Chernov in Texas.

The first review of the book, posted fifteen minutes after its release came from a wonderful independent source, another Russian seeking to pervert the course of America's right to know.

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1.0 out of 5 starsThis is very dull fiction. The writer is trying to imitate the ...

ByLev Goncharovon September 30, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This is very dull fiction. The writer is trying to imitate the masters of the genre, unsuccessfully. Don't waste your time.


Amazon legal department wrote on the Eve of the publication of the true nonfiction book; MURDER ON THE ANDAMAN SEA!

On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 1:46 PM -0700, "KDP Executive Customer Relations" <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Flynn, My name is Bridgid O'Neal with Kindle Direct Publishing Executive Customer Relations, writing on behalf of the Legal Department of Amazon UK Services Ltd. We have received a notice from a third party complainant who has made an allegation that the Title contains defamatory statements. Please note we take allegations of defamation very seriously and that any submission of titles that include defamatory content is a violation of our agreement and may lead to suspension or termination of your account, among other remedies. Amazon considers matters of this nature are best resolved directly between those involved.

Please, therefore, contact the complainant directly: Name: Alexey V Tarasov (Agent) Email:

Please note that Amazon reserves the right to remove the Title from sale at any time. Regards, Bridgid O’Neal Executive Customer Relations Kindle Direct Publishing

Coincidentally they work together!!

Contacts: P.O. Box 524102 Houston, Texas 77052 tel.: 1.877.321.2637 FREE fax: 405.622.8727



editor-in-chief: Olga TARASOVA

publisher: Valeriy TARASOV


Lonnie REX - honorary member





Main office: 1.877.321.2631 FREE




------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Charlie Flynn <> Date: Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 12:23 PM Subject: Professional To:

Dear Mr. Goncharov

RE: Reading and Reviewing - Murder on the Andaman Sea

I am writing to thank you for your thoughtful and professional review. The Russian-American Magazine is truly fortunate to have someone with your integrity and professional ethics providing information to Americans. You are a credit to your country, whichever one you choose that to be. Your ability to so accurately and succinctly depict my "dull fiction" as an attempt to imitate other more professional writes such as yourself was deep and profound.

You must be proud of your ability to coherently portray others weaknesses in light of your brilliance. I dare not question where you got your absolutely stunning morals. You are a credit to Moscow and Mr. Putin. I would assume the "Hero of the Russian Federation" is an award in your bright future.

Well done and thanks for imparting your true and honest review upon us lesser beings. I can only strive one day to be accepted by someone of your brilliance and standing. I am sure your community and fellow Americans appreciate your honesty and integrity.

​I do believe the true hypocrite is one that ceases to deceive his deception the one who lies with sincerity.​ May I be so bold as to confer these words upon your genius.

Charlie Flynn

Lev Goncharov <>

6:00 AM (3 hours ago)

to Olga, me

Dear Mr. Charlie Flynn,

As an avid reader, and a private person, I am very glad to post my opinion, uninfluenced by ideology, propaganda or fear of anything Russian, which seems to be in fashion today. Fears in particular seem to pay some writers' bills (I am not pointing fingers).

Besides the point, rhetoric question: What does it say about a book, if the author has to write a long review in the defense of his or her fiction in the comments section or email? I bet, your colleges, writes such as Victor Pelevin, or Yevgeni Grishkovetz (whose works, as a reader, I regard best in various genres, according to my personal and completely private and totally biased opinion) do not routinely explain to their readers (in follow up emails of comments) at what angles their works should be viewed? I thought the work of literature should stand on its own, and say all it needs to say without writer's chasing his audience and explaining them the point after the fact of publishing. I though (as a reader) it was the entire purpose of writing something.

I will nevertheless point out, that I am posting my opinion as a reader or a customer, which is not clear to me, why you may have a reference: "writer such as yourself".

Even more mysteriously, what does Mr. Putin has to do with anything? Who is Mr. Putin, a character or a real person? To simply put it, it can only boil down to two issues: 1. philosophical discussion of a character, or 2. psychological fears or phobias of a group, writer is speaking for. Neither is interesting enough in regards to the subject matter for a simple reader as myself. I do not find philosophical manifestation of any political figure interesting enough, as a reader. I am even less interested in psychological phobias of the writer. I am neither psychologist, nor psychiatrist. I do not do counseling, group sessions, rehabs or step programs.

And a quick question, since you intrigued me with an honor of writing a personal letter: Do you mean, "you are a credit to your country..." of Kirghizstan? Or any other particular country I lived, studied or worked in???

All the best,

Reader Lev

Charlie Flynn <>

8:15 AM (1 hour ago)

to Lev

Hello Lev,

I do note you are a very avid reader. I see you have posted a single review of all the many books you have read. I appreciate the fact you felt only my book was worthy of your brilliance in trying to prevent others from wasting their time. How thoughtful of you. What a coincidence that the first review posted the first day of publication was posted by someone that works for Mr. Tarasov, the very man that threatened Amazon with a lawsuit to prevent publication of this NON fiction, true-to-life story. I am sure you are proud of your independent thinking and opinions. However I do suggest you pop down the hall or the next time you meet Mr. Tarasov in the toilet, do let him know of your independent brilliance in critiquing a book he did not want published. There just may be a raise in it for you.

Fears pay some writers bills, you say? Yes I suppose you are right on this point. After all you work for Mr. Tarasov who assists in paying some of your bills. It is nice of you to admit the truth.

Do you find it offensive that a writer in the western world has the freedom to write whatever he wants to? I do not know why you bother reading things you do not want to read.

I bet those writers you mention do not have lawyers attempting to prevent their works from being published and then have one of their employees write a nonsense childish review. It is a little boys game and I appreciate you trying to justify it.

I mention a "writer such as yourself" as your credibility is extremely low when you review one book and that book happens to be the exact same one our employer did not want published. Can you connect the dots? it is fun to do sometimes.

Mr. Putin is the President of mother Russia and he would be proud of you. I hope you can acknowledge that fact. You serve him and Russia proudly. Even if you are an independent unbiased great thinker who simply arrived at the conclusions you spew all by yourself.

Lev try something novel today. Try telling the truth. I know it is hard, but you can do it.

Yes, you work for Mr. Tarasov. Yes, Mr. Tarasov works for Mr. Chernov. Yes, I wrote a nonfiction true-to-life book about Mr. Chernov attempting to murder me and my family. And surprise, surprise the first review you ever wrote appears within hours of its publication. Now that is independent and free-thinking. I am impressed with your integrity and honesty.

Thanks for writing and enjoy your independence.


Initial post: Oct 3, 2015 2:19:48 AM PDT

elizabeth cain says:

Strange the first review posted minutes after publication comes from someone that tried to stop the publication of the book. Professional lawyer out of Texas! Lev Goncharov United States Get the full report on Lev Goncharov Houston, Texas They both live at the same address in Texas! Alexey Tarasov Houston, Texas Get the full report on Alexey Tarasov

You replied with a later post

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Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Oct 4, 2015 12:15:40 AM PDT

Charlie Flynn says:

Yes Mr. Goncharov is a lackey and employee of Chernov's lawyer who tried to stop the publication of the book. They work together against America at a Russian backed magazine in Texas.

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Posted on Oct 4, 2015 9:29:16 PM PDT

Lev Goncharov says:

What does it say about a book, if the author has to write in the defense of his or her fiction in the comments section at what angles their work should be viewed? I thought the work of literature should stand on its own, and say all it needs to say without writer's chasing his audience and explaining them the point after the fact of publishing. I though (as a reader) it was the entire purpose of writing something. What kind of author will reserve to apologetic rhetoric for the lack of real content? I am just used to different kind of literature, I guess, interesting one! Laurels of Thomas Pynchon are hard to get? Keep trying, but don't blame the reader!!! :)

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Your post: Oct 4, 2015 10:52:32 PM PDT Last edited by you 21 hours ago

Charlie Flynn says:

Interesting Lev, very interesting. Why do you care? Why do you not want people to read this book? Why is it the only book you have ever reviewed? Why did the man you work for at Russia-American Business magazine threaten a lawsuit to stop its publication? What exactly are you rambling on about in your critique of a NON-fiction true-to-life story. It is the story and the truth that matter not your feeble attempts at convincing people about your superior ability to judge what they should read. Try the truth, Lev, it is a novel approach to life for you, but give it a try. You work from Mr. Tarasov, he worked for Mr. Chernov and you are trying hard to please them. I get it. Keep trying. It is interesting to see you squirm in your ridiculous attempts to suggest something about apologetic rhetoric. Whatever! Long live mother Russia!

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Posted on Oct 5, 2015 6:37:33 PM PDT Last edited by the author 50 minutes ago

Lev Goncharov says:

I could say: "Check your facts, so you do not make a fool out of yourself, buddy!" But you're not my buddy, so I will not say that. Although, this simple example shows your complete and utmost disregard and ignorance toward checking the facts. Is that the same with your writing? Sometimes all you have to do is ask to verify the facts you interested in. Would that be so hard to do in order to benefit the production quality of the book? My only and exclusive employer is the company named Cyracom, where I have a very fulfilling and satisfying career in language interpretation. Therefore, reading periodicals in target language, immersing myself into the community, and reading fiction related to my fields of legal, medical and financial specialty, as well as knowing what is going on, is a part of my job. It is sad that you came from the background and culture where a person is characterized as someone else's lackey of a vassal, and forced to trade creative work in exchange for privileges. Not all cultures are the same. My opinion about any book is my personal and reflects my own taste and love for literary word, be that particular piece extraordinary or repulsive. Posting comments on my own volition, I select a platform of my own choosing to marvel a brilliant example of writing or notate a repulsive one. People do express their opinions. As a writer, how justifiable is that to start sending personal emails with vague hints of threats to people who commented on your book on Amazon and post some old reader's addresses of former residences? What kind of writer would do that?

You just replied with a later post

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Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Oct 5, 2015 10:20:17 PM PDT You edited this post

Charlie Flynn says:

Lev, you can call me buddy. I hold no personal animosity towards you. I only point out the truth. You can do a short google search on you and Chernov's lawyer, V Tarasov. Once you do you will find that you both claim on the internet to be associated with this magazine. I assumed you were telling the truth. UNDISPUTED FACTS: You work with Mr. Tarasov Mr. Tarasov tried to stop publication of this book. You have ONLY ever reviewed one book on Kindle. You reviewed the book within hours of its publication. If you like facts, Lev, there they are for you. Any questions just write back to your buddy. By the way since you like FACTS, can you provide anyone with an example of a "vague threat"? Please send it to me and I will apologize profusely for having done so. I tell the truth. It seems, you are not as particular with your ability to ignore it in "your culture" and pretend things were said or facts are not based in reality. Do you work with Mr. Tarasov? Did he attempt to threaten Amazon not to publish the book? Is it the only book you have ever reviewed as an "avid reader" on Amazon? Did you preview it within hours of its publication? Now those are called facts in "my culture". I understand you not wanting to answer the truth. Since I did not initially send a personal email to you but to the magazine Russian-American Business, it is a safe assumption you do work with Mr. Tarasov, whether you are paid in kind or in American currency is clearly not my business. You responded to my personal email address, therefore the first personal email was from you to me.

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