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RFK/JFK - Others have read the truth now exposed.

What if you knew who killed Kennedy? And they knew you knew?

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is the story, the murder mystery, the national obsession that will not go away. Conspiracy theories abound, most focussing on special interest groups ranging from the Mafia, the FBI, the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban groups, to renegade right-wing industrialists/capitalists. What no theory has been able to explain adequately, however, is why Robert Kennedy, the fearless Attorney General who cherished his brother's life and pursued his ambitions more than his own, seemingly did nothing to uncover the plot and bring the conspirators to justice. The Hollow Crown is based on a scintillating speculation: What if Bobby Kennedy left behind evidence he couldn't reveal in his lifetime? Unknown to most, Bobby Kennedy climbed Mount Kennedy before his run for the Presidency. Little is known about Bobby Kennedy's purpose in climbing the tallest North American peak, besides his devotion to physical fitness fostered by his father. What if this weren't just a physical exercise and Bobby Kennedy hid something that would uncover the conspiracy and challenge his country's deepest held beliefs? The Hollow Crown follows the story of Thomas Ryder, a middle-aged civics teacher living the American Dream. He is a man who believes in himself and his government, until he finds a mysterious metal tube buried deep in a hidden cave in the heart of Mt. Kennedy. The Hollow Crown asks: What if you knew who killed Kennedy? And they knew you knew?

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