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Head of FinCen Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery

In June 2006, Jennifer Shasky Calvery interviewed me in the U.S. Federal Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. She then examined me under oath for one of the longest sitting grand juries in Utah history.

The grand jury was convened to indict Egor M. Chernov, a Russian spy, embedded in Salt Lake City. I was present in Phuket, Thailand when Rex Judd and Egor Chernov forged their partnership. Rex and his associates invested tens of millions of dollars offshore with Egor Chernov and his cohorts. Rex demaded his money be returned or accounted for in October 2005. He then traveled to Pattaya to confront Chernov. On his arrival in Thailand he was greeted by two Australians. Rex was never seen alive again.

The day before Rex arrived Egor Chernov and Paul Combs left Thailand for a short two day trip to Singapore to get their passports stamped and provide an alibi.

Egor Chernov and Paul Combs were in possession of falsified Bulgarian passports. They were seeking to purchase tons of ferterlizer which is the same product Timonthy McVeigh used in Oklahoma City.

Chernov traveled and worked with FBI Agent Mark Pinto who was involved with individuals in Alaska accused of running guns to Al Queda. Mark Pinto is known to have used his access to intelligence files to assist the Russians in comprimising Americans and Europeans. A lot of this information is available to the FBI due to the Patriot Act which was supposed to be used to fight terrorism not aid it.

When Rex Judd arrived in Pattaya he was met by Adam Grimshaw and Mark Winter who were two Australian hired assassins working for Chernov. They took Rex to a local bar and spiked his drinks with "lobster blood" as they called it. In fact it was a mixture of alcohol and Xanax. After Rex passed out due to the alcohol, drugs and jet lag he was thrown in the back of a small pickup truck. Adam drove him to the harbour where he was loaded on a sailboat rented by Chernov. Once there Winter picked up a large wrench and knocked all his teeth out as he was rendered completely unconscious. Rex was then tied with chains to old batteries. Winter and Grimshaw sailed out into the shipping lanes and dumped Judd's body. Slowly he drifted to his watery grave.

Paul Combs provided all the details of the kidnapping and murder of Rex Judd. They rewarded him with a prison sentence for providing the fraudulent Bulgarian passport Chernov obtained for himself and Combs. They turned a cooperating key witness to a murder and financial fraud case in the tens of millions into a hostile witness.

In the end the director of FinCen Jennifer Shasky Calvery never charged Chernov with murder or any other crime. She was forced to charge him with the fake passport. He served just fifty-eight months in jail.

They allowed a potential terrorist and murderer to walk free. No one will ask them why. NBC News headed by Steve Capus engaged Flynn in a long process of telling the story to the American public, however at the last minute when Flynn flew into New York to meet with Executive Producer Justin Balding, he was told they had been ordered to drop the story.

Jennifer Shasky Calvery was promoted and broke the rules to hire her assistant U.S. Attorney from this case, Gregory Lisa.

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