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On the Truth behind Justice

On a luxurious sailboat on the Andaman Sea in a rush of adrenalin the truth struck like a powerful thunderbolt cracking on the water in the distance.

'These guys are murderers and financial criminals.' He surmised and they are playing for keeps.

The escape was carried out with the help of the British Embassy and an honest head of security at his luxury hotel. Using fictious names on our tickets and using a Thailand police convoy we were spirited out of the country.

After arriving in Hong Kong the investigation began of the Russians, Australians and others who conspired to kidnap and murder him and his family. It was discovered their names were aliases and their intention was abduction, murder, and financial theft along the lines of Bernie Madoff's ponzi schemes.

Finally Charlie Flynn contacted the FBI and so began the start of an investigation which led up to the highest corridors of power in Russia and America. It revealed to the FBI and State Department a ring of spies including Egor Chernov.

Special Agent Gregory A Coleman was assigned the case and became the liason between Flynn and the authorities. At first, Charlie Flynn's name was to be kept confidential even from Coleman's superiors at FBI headquarters. This was not long lasting as Flynn was called to testify before one of the longest sitting grand juries in Utah's history. The presiding Judge on the case was Paul Cassels the same Judge as Weldon Angelos.

Special Agent Gregory Coleman encouraged Charlie Flynn with promises of a conviction and justice for the gang of criminals posing as businessmen who had abducted him. It was revealed that Egor Chernov had murdered an American, Rex Judd one year prior to Flynn's kidnapping and attempted murder.

There was one man who knew the truth and worked with Chernov and the two Australian (Adam Wilson Grimshaw and Mark Winters) hired assassins. This man was Paul Combs a character profiled in the book Danger Road.

In the end the U.S. Attorney Jennifer Shasky Calvery allowed the chief witness provided by Charlie Flynn to be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Egor Chernov was sentenced to fifty-one months in jail in the same court room that Weldon Angelos was sentenced to fifty-five years for selling less than $1000 worth of marijuana.

January 2010 the presiding Judge released Paul Combs against the protestations of the U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa. Paul Combs immediately contacted Charlie Flynn and while under a gag order promised to speak as soon as he could of the corruption of U.S. Attorneys in allowing Egor Chernov a murderer and the two hired Australian assassins to walk free due to politics and bribes. Combs and Flynn were to meet in July to reveal the lies and corruption in the FBI, Justice and State Departments.

On June 7th, SA Gregory Coleman phoned Charlie Flynn and spoke of his pending case of murder and financial fraud against Egor Chernov and other Russians. On the same day Flynn was informed by a reporter (Ethan Faber) that Paul Combs was found dead of a gun shot wound to the head.

The case was over and the only thing left was to silence Flynn forever. The FBI agent told of his upcoming movie.

On January 26th, 2014 Gregory Coleman retired and the story could then be told.

To date six months after its release not one government agency or news source has denied it is the truth. No one has dared to sue to silence Charlie Flynn in his quest to see justice served against the lies and corruption.


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