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Jennifer Shasky Calvery Head of FinCen will not tell the truth? Ask her about Egor Chernov. She ca

Jennifer Shasky Calvery serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States as Head of FinCen. She does not serve justice. If you doubt my words - there is a straight-forward test. Simply ask Jennifer Shasky Calvery to tell the truth about Egor M Chernov. She will not do so. Niether her nor her assitant she hired former U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa will tell the truth. It is obvious there must be a reason they will not defend their honour.

Jennifer Shasky Calvery as a U.S. Attorney allowed a spy and a murderer to walk free. Egor M. Chernov ordered the murder of Rex Judd in Pattaya, Thailand, September 16th, 2005. Ms. Shasky Calvery was assigned to prosecute a known murderer and finanical criminal. She was handed a coopertaing witness, Mr. Paul Combs. Jennifer Shasky Calvery allowed her fellow U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa to prosecute and alienate their key cooperating witness to ensure Egor Chernov, a murderer of an American could walk free.

Jennifer Shasky Calvery was subsequently promoted to a Director and Head of FinCen. She is not worthy to be trusted to protect Americans or carry out her constitutional duties to provide justice.

If anyone doubts the truth of these statements bear in mind the undeniable proof is available to any honest journalist or any American - there is a simple way. The only thing necessary is to ask the appointed Head of FinCen to tell the truth. If my statements are not true I would have been silenced by now. There is an answer as to why a top U.S. Attorrney allowed a murderer of an American to walk free. The question simply has to be asked and answered.

Why will Special Agent Gregory A Coleman, who pretends to fight against fraud on the paid speaking circuit not tell the truth?

Why will U.S. Attorney Tully who has served under Obama for eight years not tell the truth?

Why will U.S. Attorney Gregory Lisa who was hired improperly by Jennifer Shasky Calvery not tell the truth?

What do all these servants of justice have to fear? Why will they not answer any questions about Egor M. Chernov, a murderer?

Why did Hilliary Clinton's State Department assist them in ensuring Egor M. Chernov walked free and please Vladamir Putin?

Why will no investigative journalist with any publication in America ask for the truth? What is the media, the Justice Department and State Department hiding?

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